Diet Failures

You have heard, and I have mentioned on this website, that there is a tendency to regain the weight that is lost on a diet.  Often, the person winds up being heavier than they were prior to starting the diet.  There is actual research that substantiates this fact.  The results of fourteen studies were published in the journal, American Psychology in 2007, and all fourteen studies concluded that diet (caloric restriction) is not the answer.  The problem with starvation diets revolves around the fact that your body will slow its metabolism in order to conserve calories.  As a consequence, you will gain the weight back after you stop your diet in spite of eating less because your body is conserving calories in response to the starvation.

I mention the findings in this article to encourage you to modify your diet and exercise instead of placing yourself on a diet which will ultimately fail.  There are other articles available if you want to perform further research, but the findings can be confusing.

For example, the American Medical Association (AMA) demonstrated the effectiveness of a higher fat, low carbohydrate diet in a combined American and Canadian weight loss study which followed 7000 patients at intervals of six and twelve months.  The advice given to doctors by the AMA, however, was to recommend the exact opposite to their patients for weight loss.  If there is confusion among the experts, there is bound to be confusion among lay personnel.

I recommend following a diet based on moderation and common sense as explained in the diet section of this site.

Wishing you continued success in your weight loss and maintenance, Pablo.

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