Garcinia and Forskolin Warnings

Thusfar, taking Garcinia for twelve weeks or less has been studied.  Long term safety of Garcinia is unknown at this time.  This supplement has been associated with nausea, headache, and stomach discomfort.  As I stated in my product reviews, you may wish to use this supplement to lose weight quickly for an upcoming event, but I do not recommend using Garcinia for a long time.  I know that there are several celebrities who are enthusiastic about this product, but like I like to say, buyer beware. There are some concerns about Forskolin as well.  A recent Consumer Review found that some brands of Forskolin contain less than 20% of this ingredient which renders the product less effective.  20% is the recommended standard for each pill in order to effectively produce weight loss.  Forskolin has not been completely studied as far as safety is concerned.  Flushing, cough, tremor, and headache are some of the side effects with this supplement. Every time you turn around, there is a new miracle weight loss pill.  To further confuse the issue, these products are advertised by well known celebrities and, in some cases, physicians. We know what works in the long run.  Diet and exercise are key to weight loss and maintenance.  Don’t be fooled by today’s latest and greatest solution to your weight management.  I’m sure something else will surface in a few months that is the “answer” to losing weight. Wishing you continued success in your pursuit of weight loss and management.  Pablo

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