New Game Changing Weight Loss Patch

Something very exciting is on the horizon.  Let me emphasize that this new weight loss patch is still in the experimental stages, and it’s unclear when it will be available for commercial use.  But if the hype is true, then this patch is well worth waiting for.  It will revolutionize the way that we lose fat, and it will provide an exciting glimpse into the future for other products that will serve the same purpose.

The weight loss patch changes white fat into brown fat.  Brown fat turns food into body heat as opposed to having the white fat turn more prolific after ingesting excess calories.  In nature, only babies and bears have brown fat.  And we have all seen how fast the “baby fat” goes away after the baby is born.  This patch will cause the transformed brown fat to burn off as quickly as the the baby fat.  The only way to eliminate fat quickly at the moment is to have a surgical procedure known as liposuction or to have a noninvasive procedure known as cold sculpting.  Liposuction and cold sculpting, however, are not weight loss procedures but are used, rather, to shape the body.  If the patch lives up to its promise, it could very well replace liposuction and give cold sculpture a run for their money.

Not only will the new skin patch help eliminate fat, but it also has the potential to help with various metabolic conditions like diabetes and obesity.  The patch is being developed by researchers at Columbia University in New York and at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

The patch has microneedles that administer the medication rosiglitazone which browns the fat.  The patch is then placed on the skin over the areas where the fat loss is desired.  Some of you may be turned off by the idea of needles, but the needles are microscopic and the subject doesn’t feel the skin being penetrated.

So far, the patch has only been tested on mice.  The mice had patches placed on both sides of their bodies.  One patch was the weight loss patch, and the other patch was a placebo.  The patches were replaced every three days, and at the end of four weeks, the mice showed a 20% reduction in fat on the side treated with the weight loss patch.  Fasting glucose levels dropped as well which, again, is good news for diabetics.

The patch has not been tested on humans yet, but there is a lot of excitement about this new treatment modality.  We will have to wait for the final verdict, but I am excited about the possibilities for this new treatment.

The patch will not be a replacement for sensible eating and exercising, but it will be a wonderful adjunct.

Wishing you success in your weight loss and maintenance, Pablo.

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