Turmeric For Weight Loss

You probably have heard quite a bit about using turmeric as a weight loss supplement lately.  It is yet another quick fix to the overweight problem.  The current literature seems to support the claims of weight loss with turmeric.  Remember, however, that there aren’t fast solutions to weight management.  Like other supplements and diets, the turmeric may work for as long as you use it, but the weight will return after you stop the turmeric if you don’t change your lifestyle.

Turmeric is a naturally occurring spice that has been used for multiple medical conditions ranging from autoimmune disease to fatigue.  There is some evidence that turmeric may help osteoarthritis and increased cholesterol.

There are, however, potential side effects to this supplement.

Turmeric acts like an estrogen so there is the possibility of encouraging uterine fibroid growth if you have fibroids.  Also, be careful if you have a gynecologic malignancy like endometrial cancer as turmeric may worsen the condition.  It’s also a good idea to avoid turmeric if you have or have had breast cancer with positive estrogen receptors.

Ironically, turmeric is recommended for stomach disorders like indigestion, but the turmeric may evoke stomach upset and nausea along with dizziness.

People with gallbladder problems like stones should avoid the turmeric as the turmeric will worsen the gallbladder symptoms.

Users of turmeric should cease taking the supplement if they are facing surgery as the turmeric will slow blood clotting.

As with all supplements, you should tell your medical provider what you are taking.

I hope that this has helped answer questions that you have on this supplement.  Wishing you continued success with your weight loss and management.  Pablo

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