Weight Loss With Wine

Some things never change.  There is always a latest and greatest diet which promises weight loss the easy way without having to worry about what you eat or how active you are.  The most recent weight loss regimen touted by celebrities is the wine diet.  But before you reach for that wine opener, let’s take a look at the weight loss claims.

A weight loss study done at Washington State University in 2015 certainly suggests that wine can help with weight loss.  The study found that white fat is converted to brown fat by a substance found in wine called resveratrol.  Brown fat is easier to burn off than white fat.  Brown fat turns food into body heat.  Human newborns and hibernating animals like the bear have high levels of brown fat.  And we’ve all noticed how quickly “baby fat” seems to disappear.   At this point, you’re thinking that the weight loss study certainly sounds promising.  What the celebrities neglect to tell you is that the study was done on BEES!  I don’t think there is anyone who will argue that the metabolism with bees is different than the metabolism with humans.

Not too surprisingly, other ways to boost brown fat include exercise (what a shocker), and not starving or overeating.  These sound like the traditional and logical ways to lose weight that I’ve been talking about for some time.

What is known about wine is that the higher the alcohol content, the higher the calories.  As a general rule, mixed drinks and beer have more calories than wine.  A glass of red wine has about 120 calories while a glass of white wine has 85 calories.

The sugar content in wine also influences the caloric content.  The less sugar, the fewer the calories.  The two types of wine with the least sugar are Italian Pinot Grigio, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wine does not produce fat.  Wine will, however, cause a drop in glucose.  The drop in glucose then makes you hungry, and you start eating.  The more alcohol you ingest, the more your glucose will drop, and the hungrier you will get.  Since the wine and food ingestion will make you tired, the next thing that happens is you go to sleep.  It’s not surprising that the extra calories now turn to fat.  This brings up the old adage about moderation in everything.

There is one specific type of red wine which helps with weight loss due to its content of ellagic acid.  This red wine is made from the red muscadine grape which is grown in Georgia and the the southeastern United States.  Don’t rush out to your local store, however, and look for this specific varietal.  There are 5000 acres or less that are planted with this grape.

There are alternatives to drinking this type of varietal.  Ellagic acid is increased when any wine is aged in oak barrels.  The longer the aging process, the more ellagic acid in the wine.

Wine, however, is not the only substance with ellagic acid.  Raspberries, green tea, and oolong tea have respectable levels of allegic acid.  There are other foods as well that contain this acid which you can google.  Interestingly, green tea and oolong tea have long been known to help with weight loss and maintenance.

As I mentioned on the page on weight loss and diet, drinking a glass or two of wine is not a bad thing.  Drinking excessive amounts of wine can damage your liver and your overall health.  The wine diet does not appear to offer any information that has not been known for some time.  So feel free to enjoy your wine, but remember that using wine to lose weight may not be the best decision.

Remember that the ultimate answer to weight loss and maintenance includes eating wisely and exercising.  Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or question regarding this post. Wishing you continued success with your weight loss and maintenance.  Pablo

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